[Ceilidhsoc] There's gonna be a hot time, a hot time, in this old town tonight...

Sheffield University Ceilidh Society ceilidh.soc at shef.ac.uk
Thu Jun 2 20:33:29 BST 2005

Well, tomorrow night, in fact!

Hello everyone, hope everyone is well, and not *too* stressed out by
exams/assignments/deadlines/life in general...:)

Summer officially starts tomorrow, and I am here to remind you all exactly

Tomorrow sees me handing in all my assignments, signaling the end of the
first year of my course...what, there's more than that?? Is that
possible?? Hehe, you bet it is...Sheffield Folk Festival are proud to

A Contra-Ceilidh at Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind's Hall.

This will be a fun combination of contra and ceilidh dances, and no
experience is required! There will be music from local band Vertical
Expression (featuring Ceilidhsoc's own Ian and Charley) with Sheriff John
Brown calling. Plus, there will floor spots from Boggarts Breakfast and
Chris and Sue. All this will only cost you £5/£3.

Man, man, I don't need to tell you all to be there. It's a *guaranteed*
doozy. See y'all on the floor!

As if all that is not enough, I can now reveal that *next* Friday, June
10th will be Ceilidhsoc's end of year bonanza! Starting at 8.30pm, the
Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind Institute, Mappin Steet, will host
hot hot band Bedlam, featuring my man Big Ross McKinlay on percussion, for
our final ceilidh of the term.

Usual Ceilidhsoc rules apply:

Ceilidhsoc ceilidhs are £2.00 for members before 9pm, £3.00 members after
9pm (or 50p off with a flyer). If you are not yet a member (hang on...you
must be, or you wouldn't be reading this!...ahem, *clears throat*)...If
anyone coming with y'all is not a member, they can register to be a member
for £3.00 when you arrive and you then get your first ceilidh (that one!)
free, and you also get lots of lovely emails from us to tell you when the
next ceilidhs are.

Phew! Bedlam are hot, ceilidhs are hot, you are hot...be there.

I think that is all...any questions, ask the committee who should be
buzzing around the contra ceilidh tomorrow. Dunno who we are? haha, check
out our brand spanking new committee page at:
http://www.ceilidhsoc.org/committee.html ...bring it!

See you tomorrow,

Gideon xxx

"Homesick and lonesome and I’m feeling kindly blue, I’m on my long journey

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