[Ceilidhsoc] Reminder: ceilidh this Friday!

Sheffield University Ceilidh Society ceilidh.soc at shef.ac.uk
Thu May 5 18:59:02 BST 2005

That's tomorrow!

Ahoy there one and all!

Hoping you are well, it is I once again filling up your inboxes with news
of ceilidhs...and today, a couple of other things...

Firstly then, I expect to see each and every one of you at that there
Blind Institute tomorrow for our next ceilidh.

It's tomorrow (May 6th), from 8.30pm, at the Blind Institute on Mappin
Street in town. Prices are £2.00 for members before 9pm, £3.00 members
after 9pm (or 50p off with a flyer), and £4.00 for non-members. However,
you can register to be a member for £3.00 when you arrive and you then get
your first ceilidh (that one!) free.

The band for tomorrow are the lovely Trinculo, with PIF from Manchester
calling. I have yet to find out who or what PIF is (I am sure they're
lovely too!), so why don't you come along, and we can find out all about
PIF together! Well, it's one reason to come along!

So I'll see you there. The lovely Sarah from Step Dance Soc brings my
attention to the following:

Rapper Sword Dancing Workshop with Triskele Sword
Wed 11 May 7.45pm University Drama Studio 3
University Step Dance Society www.home-lan.co.uk/step
£2.50 members, £3 to join and £3.50 non-members.
Rapper is a traditional dance where dancers link 2-handled blunt flexible
swords to produce display figures. There is some stepping (tapping a
rhythm with feet) but this is not as important as the moves with the
swords so there is no need to worry if you can't do this in the beginning.

Sword dance is majorly cool, so there is a chance to go along and try
something new. Check it out!

Lastly (I can hear you all breath a sigh of relief! haha!), I wanna remind
you all of our regular session at the Red House pub on Solly Street (more
directions? Sure! Check http://www.ceilidhsoc.org/map.html) on Tuesday
nights. What is a session? Hmm...well, our session involves people playing
tunes (if you are a musician, come along and play one of your own tunes!),
people drinking, and people sitting around chatting. Its an informal way
of getting to know Ceilidhsoc better, and a chance to enjoy the music,
whether playing or just listening. Wanna know more? Collar me or any other
members of the committee during Friday's ceilidh. I'll be the one
attempting to look smart...ish...:)

So, that is more than enough out of me, see you all Friday.

Take care,

Gideon xx

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