[Ceilidhsoc] And now the end is near....but wait its not over yet!

Sheffield University Ceilidh Society ceilidh.soc at shef.ac.uk
Mon Jun 5 19:12:35 BST 2006

Yes folks, it's ceilidh time again!

We have three, yes three final opportunities for you, on wednesday at the
Red Deer from 9 o'clock until they kick us out there is the final session
of the year lead by one of our fine music officers, and you're welcome to
come even if you can't play, we love to chat as well as play(some of our
musicians can do both at once).

On Saturday we're having a picnic from 1 o'clock in Weston Park, we plan
to be somewhere near the band stand just look for a slightly mad group of
people, probably carrying instrument cases and it'll probably be us.
We'll be there until we get bored and if it gets wet we plan to decamp to
the Fox & Duck.

Last but most definately least we have our end of year ceilidh!  From
8:30pm till late on Friday at the Blind Institute the most metal Ceilidh
band around, Glory Strokes, will be playing guided by the only caller man
enough to control the band Gordon Potts.  This is most definately not an
event to
be missed,  especially since there wont be another one till next year!

Glory Strokes are a fantastic band who have, well barged onto the scene
fairly recently, although the members themselves are well known, and they
are already dominating their niche.  If you'd like a preview visit their
homepage at www.glorystokes.com if you dare.

Over the summer those of us remaining in Sheffield will be frequenting the
numerous other sessions around Sheffield, and a number of festivals.
Indeed a number of bands and other performers from Sheffield will be
performing at major festivals so good luck to them.  If you'd like to find
out which sessions we're likely to be at just drop me a line at
ceilidh.soc at sheffield.ac.uk and I'll try and help.

Rock On!


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