[Ceilidhsoc] IVFDF 2008 - Seems like a long time doesn't it?

Sheffield University Ceilidh Society ceilidh.soc at shef.ac.uk
Fri May 5 17:16:49 BST 2006

Dear everybody,

In February 2008, Sheffield University CeilidhSoc is due to host IVFDF
(short for Inter-Varsity Folk Dance Festival - see www.ivfdf.org for more
information).  The festival itself is expected to be fantastic, and
organising it should be a lot of fun too!

We are just starting the planning, and the first step is to find a
suitable venue.  We need at least two or three biggish halls, space for
sleeping and smaller rooms suitable for workshops, not necessarily all on
the same site but close enough for people who don't know Sheffield to find
their way around.  We already have a sizeable list (ranging from secondary
schools to football stadia), but if anyone has any ideas or useful
contacts, we would be very very happy to hear from you.

Also, if you are interested in getting more involved, please do get in
touch and we'll send you meeting times etc - no commitment necessary at
this stage, but it would help if you expect to be in Sheffield for at
least another year!

In either case, DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL - send a message to
ivfdf at jennysbookshelf.co.uk and I will make sure it gets dealt with!

Thank you all,


Ps Don't forget there's a ceilidh tonight.


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