[Ceilidhsoc] Re. CeilidhSoc Picnic

bob thompson youvebeen at arsed.com
Sun May 14 00:27:11 BST 2006

Hey folks, 
Having realise how foolish the idea of having a picnic at Bole Hill was, the new details will be as such...

Sunday 11th june, WESTON PARK, 1pm

to clarify
Bring your Pim's and Cucumber sandwiches along

to WESTON PARK (http://www.sheffield.ac.uk/maps/university_big.html)

we will meet somewhere in the vicinity of the Band Stand (which is very nice and quite quite obvious)(and also listed I am lead to believe)

for a special ceilidhsoc PICNIC

on sunday the 11TH OF JUNE

about lunchtime ie. 1 O'CLOCK until we are legally obliged to turn up in court and/or it gets too cold.
we shall eat, drink and be merry, so bring food, drink, instruments and feet

If the weather is dire we will most likely be found in the FOX n' DUCK

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