[Ceilidhsoc] We're going on a journey!

Robert Morgan the.real.dr.bob at gmail.com
Thu May 18 23:02:24 BST 2006

Good evening one and all,

We're undertaking something a little different next tuesday, as we've been
invited to play on 'The Folk Train'.  What is 'The Folk Train'? I hear you
ask, well its a train, with music on.  A selection of our finest musicians
will be playing an informal concerty sessiony thing on the train from
Sheffield to Edale, leaving at 19:14. When we reach our destination, we will
repair to The Rambler which is a fine pub and play some more, whilst you can
relax and enjoy the atmosphere.  We will then return to Sheffield on the
21:28, arriving back at about 22:00, playing yet more music on the return.
What will this delightful evening of music and revelry cost me I hear you
cry, merely the price of a return ticket to Edale which is only about £5, a
bargain for about 3 hours of music I'm sure you'll agree.  You're even
welcome to bring an instrument if you'd like to join us in the pub and maybe
on the train in playing some fantastic tunes.

So come and join us on platform 2C at Sheffield station to catch the 19:14
to Edale, don't forget to leave time to buy a ticket!

In other news we have confirmed our venue for our Outro ceilidh on the 9th
of June with Glory Strokes! Since they've yet again failed to knock it down
(phew!) we'll be at the Blind Institute for our last ceilidh of this year.

See you on the train.

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