[Ceilidhsoc] A ceilidh, a contra and lovely noises

Sheffield University Ceilidh Society ceilidh.soc at shef.ac.uk
Thu Nov 16 00:21:45 GMT 2006

Yes folks, its another one of our splendid ceilidhs this friday.  This
time in support of nightline, one of our favourite charities - so bring
anyone who wants to dance, or maybe who doesn't know they want to.  It is
for charity after all! 20:30 - midnight at the Blind Institute as usual.

Prior to the ceilidh there will be a sound workshop run by Chris who is in
more bands than I can keep track of.  Chris will lead any of you lovely
people who might be interested in helping out on the sound desk through
tasks of putting it up, taking it down and the bit in between where you
make the band sound fantastic.  Exact times when I know!

In other news the wonderful Sheffield Contra series returns this saturday at
8pm at St Andrew's Hall, go to www.aphelia.co.uk/contra for a map and/or
more information.  Contra is a fantastic, flowing version of ceilidh and
you'll be lead step by step through the figures.

see you at the ceilidh,

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