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Hello Ceilidh fans, it's very late notice but here's a little opportunity
for you to help out on a dance and architecture if you so wish. Details are

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Hi Alex, Rosanna, Jake and other dancers, and even more you may have

I have been in touch with some of you before seeking dancing help for part
architecture project I am currently involved with, and it's now that time
again! (I'm Tori, by the way!)

Very short notice I know...and very sorry about this...but....I was
you and or any of your dancing friends/colleagues might be around tomorrow
between 1 and 3.30pm (or any slots of time within this!) to come and get
involved in our dance/architecture project #02 ARCH.

We will be dancing at bus stops in sharrow - ie along London/Abbeydale
along the route of the 97/98 buses, from the waitrose roundabout onwards!
We are looking at the relationship between movement and architecture and
public can engage with this, and are hoping to experiment with some of our
ideas tomorrow.... and that's where we need and would love your help if

We will be recording the event, in several ways - film being one, so just
folk know about this in case it's an issue... we won't be pointing any
fingers...we just need lots and lots of dancers and you help would really
appreciated if you can make it along...
Please tell and bring friends!

I will be walking down to Sharrow from the union at 12.30 tomorrow, so if
like to meet in front of coffee rev to come down with me that would be
grand...otherwise, come to waitrose carpark at 12.45 where other #02 ARCH
members will be waiting!

Please wear something warm as it was bitterly cold out today - we were
in the streets just to keep warm, which is of course part of the point, but
don't want any limbs falling off! and if you have an ipod/mp3 or similar
in your ears' device, please bring it along too, so we can have some
where we dance to music everyone can hear and others where people are all
freestyling to their own tunes.

Many many many thanks in anticipation and hope!

If you would like to learn more about this project, please check out our

See some of you at salsa later,
#02 ARCH
Sheffield Ceilidhsoc

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