[Ceilidhsoc] Ceilidh tomorrow!

Sheffield University Ceilidh Society ceilidh.soc at shef.ac.uk
Sat Oct 25 00:39:02 BST 2008

Hello all,
Apologies for this message being such short notice, I got my dates mixed
Last weekend was an A1 tip top ceilidh dancing affair, so thanks to
everyone who came to the Big National Ceilidh, I hope you enjoyed it as
much as i did :)

There is a ceilidh tomorrow night (Saturday) 8.30 at Croft House (for those
who haven't been there before, it's further down from the main university
buildings - nearer St Georges church...best bet is to find it on google
maps). As usual £2 before 9, £3 after 9.
We don't have a bar this time so its BYOB.

Hope to see you there!

Sheffield Ceilidhsoc

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