[Ceilidhsoc] New committee and happy holidays!

ceilidhsoc ceilidh.soc at shef.ac.uk
Sun Apr 1 22:42:26 BST 2012

Hello Ceilidhsoc,

As you all know we had our AGM just before the
break and voted in a NEW COMMITTEE, so here are the results!

Lisa Heywood
Treasurer: Blai Covas
Secretary: Bob Richards
officer/social sec: Phillip Brewer
Music officer: Mike Waller
manager: Chris Philo
Equipment officer: Rich Harding
Publicity officer:
Laura Crittenden
Web officer: Steve Yates

We're looking forward to
another year of fantastic ceilidhs and folky fun, and hope you are too

The NEXT CEILIDH IS ON 27TH APRIL, so have a good break and see you
next term!


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