[Ceilidhsoc] Christmas Ceilidh this FRIDAY!!!!

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Wed Dec 5 19:06:59 GMT 2012

*[image: Inline image 2]Hi CeilidhSoc!*

*A poem for a Yuletide Ceilidh:*


*Deck the halls with bows of holly*

*The Christmas Ceilidh will be so jolly!*

*Come all members, old and new *

*And dance away your winters blue!*

*There'll be Christmas hats and reels and jigs*

*And President Lisa will be giving out figs*

*So join the Facebook e-vent

*And come and join our Christmas cheer!*

See you *Friday 8.30pm at the Edge*. Bring the entrance fee and leave with *joy
*and *happiness *and perhaps even a *super sexy CeilidhSoc t-shirt*!

*The Small Print: the giving out of figs by President Lisa is subject to
fig availability on the night.  Fig availability can go up or down.  Please
consult a financial advisor.*

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 Sheffield CeilidhSoc
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