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Mon Jun 11 14:00:47 BST 2012

*Hi CeilidhSoc!*

Thanks to all of you who came on Friday!  It was a truly rocking ceilidh
and we managed to get through *900 glow sticks*!  I thought there was a
really great atmosphere and it was a particularly special way to finish the

As that was our *final ceilidh* of the year, we're gearing down for the
summer and tomorrows Tuesday session in the Three Cranes is
*cancelled.  *Instead
the CeilidhSoc committee are having a meeting so we can cook up what we're
going to do next year.  From what *President Lisa* says, it's going to be *

>From now till September there is no official Tuesday session but there will
probably be people meeting for a play during the summer.  If that is the
case, we'll plan it on the *CeilidhSoc Facebook page*, so if you're
wondering what we're up to then have a look on *www.facebook.com/ceilidhsoc*

If we don't see you before, have a lovely summer and see you in the new

Love and *MONSTER *kisses


Sheffield CeilidhSoc
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