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Mon Mar 19 10:58:48 GMT 2012

Hello all :)

There's lots going on in the next couple of weeks, so
read on to find out...

TUESDAY: As usual we'll be at the Three Cranes
from 8pm with a tunes workshop, then from 9pm there'll be an open
session/social - all welcome!

FRIDAY: We have a ceilidh at the Edge
this Friday with another glorious scratchband and ceilidhsoc caller :)
There will also be a FREE WORKSHOP BEFORE FROM 7.30 PM with the
wonderful Wakefield morris - so come along to have a go at some
Northwest proccesional clog dancing! Doors open for the ceilidh at
8.30pm and tickets are £4 (£3 members before 9pm).

As I may have
mentioned, our AGM will be at 7PM ON TUESDAY 27TH MARCH AT THE THREE
CRANES. This is your chance to get involved with Ceilidhsoc and help to
keep the ceilidhs running! I've listed the committee positions below, so
don't miss the opportunity to run for a committee position. You'll get
that lovely warm glow from knowing that you're helping to run some
awesome events - plus it looks great on your CV :) If you don't want to
run for a position then please feel free to come anyway, as this is a
great time to put forward any ideas you have for Ceilidhsoc and to vote
on the new committee!


COMMITTEE ROLES 2011/2012 (some of these may
change a little for 2012/2013!)

President - In charge of chairing
committee meetings, finalising important decisions and basically making
sure everyone else is doing their job.

Vice-president - Usually takes
key role in organising non-ceilidh events, such as the IVFDF coach and
Christmas meal.

Secretary - Sends out emails about upcoming events, as
well as answering any enquiries we get from other societies and members.
Also in charge of adding new members to the mailing list.

Treasurer -
Takes care of our ceilidh money and is in charge of how much the
committee can spend and on what, also makes sure that the bands get

House Manager - In charge of the running of the events on the
night, organises people to sit on the door, buys band drinks and is the
first point of call in case of disaster!

Inclusion Officer - Ensures
that CeilidhSoc continues to welcome everyone and that no one is left
out or discriminated against. 

Music Officer - Books the bands for
Ceilidhs and organises the music sessions and workshops.

Publicity - In
charge of making sure everyone knows about Ceilidhs by making and
distriibuting flyers, posters and anything else you can think of!

Officer - Adds ceilidhs to the website, puts on photos of new committee
and who they are. Basically keeps it up to date!

Equipment Officcer -
Responsible for making sure all the equipment is up to date and in the
right place. Decides what (if any) new equipment we need.

Keeper of the
Mascot - Makes sure that Rustle the Ceilidh Monster turns up to ceilidhs
and other events, and updates Rustle's blog


You can also check
out who's been on the committee this year and their roles on the
Ceilidhsoc website:

Hope to see you
all soon!

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