[Ceilidhsoc] CeilidhSoc Christmas Dinner on December 11th

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Sun Nov 18 21:00:54 GMT 2012

*[image: Inline image 2]Hi CeilidhSoc!*

I can't believe it's only a few weeks to the *end of term*.  As
the*festive season
* is looming on the horizon, it means it is time for the *CeilidhSoc
Extremely Festive Christmas Dinner!*

This year we are having it at the *Red Deer
* (18 Pitt Street, Sheffield, S1 4DD) who did us such a *lovely meal* last
year!  The date will be *Tuesday 11th of December.*

*The evening will consist of:*

*7pm* - A two/three course *meal *(depending on your appetite) with *party
hats*, *crackers *etc. There will even be a* dead exciting* Xmas *speech *from
*President Lisa.*

*9pm - *Our usual *session *but in the *upstairs room of the **Red
Deer *hopefully
with some* festive tunes!*

There are only *limited places for the meal* so we will be offering them on
a *first come first **served* *basis*.  If you want to come:

   1. Read the attached *menu*
   2. *Choose *whether you want a* two course* meal (*£11.95*) or a *three
   course* meal (*£14.95*).  Please note that the two course meals have no
   3. Note down your *selection *for each course.
   4. To *secure your place,* pay your *money *and give you *order *to
   Steve (web officer/bass player) at the *Shakespeare *on a *Tuesday *or
   on the *desk *at the Doctor Who

The after meal *session from 9pm* is still *open to everyone* free of

*Yum *and *ho ho ho*!
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Sheffield CeilidhSoc
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