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*[image: Inline image 2]Hi CeilidhSoc!*

The dust has settled from the *Doctor Who Ceilidh* which was *great success*!
 Thanks to everyone who came especially those in *fancy dress*.
Congratulations to *Nicola the Weeping Angel* for winning the fancy dress
competition.  Special note should go to *Sarah *who was runner up as a *Silent
*and probably would have *won *if the judges hadn't kept *forgetting her*.
 But enough of the past....

*It's the Christmas Ceilidh!!*

As it's nearing the *end of November* it means the ceilidh season grinds on
to the annual *CeilidhSoc Christmas Ceilidh*.  *President Lisa* has allowed
us a *tinsel *and *Santa hat *budget that almost stretches into *double
figures*, so we'll be down the *Pound Shop* in the coming week. The ceilidh
will be on the *7th December* at the *Edge* (as usual). There will be extra
special added *Christmas spirit* from the splendid *CeilidhSoc Mega
Christmas Scratch Band*!

The* interval spot* will be provided by those *lovely *people at *Sheffield
University Dance Society.*

As always, more details on the *website *at

If you're *facebook friendly* and want to give your friends a present of *
dancy*, *stompy fun *then *join *and *share *the *event *at:

Remember a *puppy *isn't just for Christmas, but the *CeilidhSoc Christmas
Ceilidh* is!

Love and festive kisses
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Sheffield CeilidhSoc
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