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*[image: Inline image 2]Hi CeilidhSoc!*

We're all chuffed to bits over the success of the Water Aid ceilidh.  We
managed to raise *£450 *through the takings.  Thanks so much to everyone
who came and supported us!

This week we have:

*Tuesday Session and Music Workshop*

Our usual *Tuesday Session* is from 9pm at the *Shakespeare*.  Those who
wish to practice playing tunes are welcome to join our weekly *Music
Workshop* from 8pm to 9pm under the esteemed guidance of *Music Officer Mike

*Halloween Ceilidh *

Then on Friday we have our *Annual Halloween Ceilidh*. at the Edge starting
*8.30pm*.  This years its full blown *fancy dress*! Come as your favourite
horrific character.

More details on the *website *at:

If you've got your *Facebook *head on then join the event at

This year it's going to be *extra scary and spooky* as President *Lisa *&
Equipment Officer *Rich *have been down to *Poundland *with a *lavish budget
* for decorations.  Expect *horror beyond your wildest nightmares*!


If that was horror enough,  we'll also have the new *CeilidhSoc
t-shirts*on sale.  They look particularly
*lovely *and have me on them :-)

If you want to see the *official photoshoot pictures* then check out our
special *Facebook

Ooh! I could *crush a grape*!

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Sheffield CeilidhSoc
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