[Ceilidhsoc] Very Sexy Ceilidh 9th November at the Edge

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Wed Oct 31 21:15:35 GMT 2012

*[image: Inline image 2]Hi CeilidhSoc!*

Time is passing faster than *President Lisa* can polish off a pack
of*choccie Hobnobs
*.* *I *can't believe* we're nearly *halfway* through our *first term*!

Our *next *exotically titled *soiree *is the *VERY SEXY November Ceilidh*on the
*9th November.*

As usual it is at *the Edge* and the fun starts at *8.30pm*.  Music will be
committed by another *rampaging CeilidhSoc Scratch Band* with an (as yet) *
undisclosed* caller.  In keeping with the ceilidh title, we'll get the *sexiest
caller* we can get our hands on!

More *details* & *updates *will be found on the *CeilidhSoc website* events
pages when we find our more.


If you're *Facebook friendly* then *join the event* on this link and *share
it with friends* (especially the sexy ones) who you think might want to


People have been *asking *why this ceilidh will be "*very sexy*" and we
originally envisaged the band recreating the famous *sock
enhanced*performances of the
*Red Hot Chilli Peppers*.  Sadly we had to *shelve *the plan when *Ben *(who's
idea it was) was whisked off to tour with *the Albion Band*.  Maybe they
will try it instead?  But it will *still *be a sexy ceilidh as *you *are

Also don't forget we also have a ceilidh on the *23rd *which is our *Doctor
Who Ceilidh!*  More on that later!  (What do you mean you didn't know that
23rd November was the 49th anniversary of the first episode of Doctor

Hasta luego!

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Sheffield CeilidhSoc
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