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Mon Apr 1 19:54:33 BST 2013

*[image: Inline image 2]Hi CeilidhSoc!*

Did you have a good Easter?  Wasn't it lovely seeing all the snow
and bitterly cold weather?  Such a great start to the Summer Term!

Speaking of *Summer Term*, it's time for our *Annual General Meeting!!*

Do you want to be involved in *CeilidhSoc *and maybe even become a *committee
member*?  Now's your chance!  Here are the* exciting roles* you could try!

   - *President *- organise everyone else in the committee and make sure
   they do their job. This can be done in any way the President sees fit.
    For example President Lisa regularly resorted to *blackmail *and *threat
   of torture*.
   - *Secretary *- sending emails, organising meetings, taking minutes,
   dealing with enquiries.
   - *Treasurer *- guarding the cash box, making sure we have floats for
   ceilidhs. Dealing with the union finance office. Signing cheques. Finally
   and most importantly, resisting the urge to run off with all our money.
   - *Equipment *-  organise how equipment gets to and from the Ceilidh
   venues.  Organising people to set up the stage and disassemble it
   afterwards.  Deal with repair issues. Do a fair amount of sound engineering.
   - *House manager* -  liaise with the venues, organise people to help in
   the event running eg door staff, bouncers and very importantly organising
   who will get drinks for the band and caller!
   - *Publicity *-  dealing with paper publicity, getting designs, coming
   up with new sexy ideas to promote our ceilidhs and workshops.
   - *Web* - dealing with web publicity, updating the website, Facebook &
   - *Inclusions *-  make sure that CeilidhSoc is welcoming all people who
   wish to join no matter where they come from (even aliens from outer space).
   - *Music *-  organise scratch bands for ceilidhs, book external bands,
   organise callers and sound engineers. Organise anything musical such as the
   Tuesday night workshops and sessions.
   - *Vice President *- help the President, organise the IVFDF coach and
   tickets, organise the Christmas meal. Look pretty.
   - *Mascot *-  make sure I, (Rustle the Mascot) get to all the venues.
   When our new baby Ruslet is old enough, he can come too.

Come along join the fun! It looks great on your *CV*!

Venue may change but at the moment it will be at the *Shakespeare*.  We'll
update as soon as we know.

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Sheffield CeilidhSoc
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