[Ceilidhsoc] Tuesday AGM from 7pm / Session from 9pm at the Shakepeare

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Mon Apr 15 10:09:30 BST 2013

*[image: Inline image 2]Hi CeilidhSoc!*

It comes that time every year when we have our *Annual General Meeting*.
It's your chance to join in the *fun *of running *CeilidhSoc *for a *whole
exciting* year! If you look at the list of current committee
you can get an idea of the calibre of people who were running
CeilidhSoc over the last year.

Think you can do better?? Come on Tuesday and get involved!


*BTW: President Lisa* had one of her *"special ideas"* to promote the *AGM*.
What we received makes me think that someone put something *dodgy *in her *half
of cider* at the ceilidh on Friday. Anyhow, here goes...


*This Tuesday you have the chance to become a CeilidhSoc Super Hero! Which
one will you be?...*


Special powers: meglomania, nagging

*Vice president*

Special powers: reading the president’s mind,


Special powers: obsessively checking emails, making committee meetings


Special powers: knowing the route to our diagon alley vaults (Rustle Note:
what the hell does this mean???)

*House Manager*

Special powers: creating magically refilling water jugs, guardian of the

*Music Officer*

Special powers: leading people to sessions with their magic pipe** (or
instrument of your choice :), conjuring ceilidh bands

*Equipment Officer*

Special powers: Equipment tetris, controlling how the band sounds

*Social sec/Inclusion*

Special powers: being friends with 'everyone' :)

*Publicity officer*

Special powers: making pretty posters, spreading news like wildfire

*Web Officer*

Special powers: the power to legitimately be on Facebook whilst working
because they’re 'doing society work'!

--- o0o ---

In summary, being in charge for year has obviously sent *President Lisa* a
bit *crackers*.  Help her out!  You could *be on the committee* next year!!
Don't worry if you don't have a magic pipe.

See you Tuesday! Remember there's still a session from 9pm or when we
finish arguing and fighting.

[image: Inline image 1]
Sheffield CeilidhSoc

* Oo-er!

** Oo-er again!
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