[Ceilidhsoc] Extreme Dinosaur Ceilidh at the Edge this Friday 26th - 8.30pm!!

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Sat Apr 20 17:13:19 BST 2013

*[image: Inline image 2]Hi CeilidhSoc!*

Welcome to the *EXTREME DINOSAUR CEILIDH* featuring the wonderful and
majestic *Extreme Dinosaur Ceilidh Band*.  You'll probably recognise a lot
of the musicians as they are all regulars in our *CeilidhSoc Scratch bands*!

They'll be providing the *live music* so you can dance to Jurassic *Jigs*,
Plesiosauriac *polkas*, Tyrannosaurian triple time *toe tappers*, *hornpipes
*with horns from a real Triceratops that *President Lisa* managed to create
in one of her *unethical *DNA splicing experiments. And top of all that,
there might even be time for a *waltz *that dates back to the *Cretaceous

The evening will *finish at about midnight* when the Edge will be hit
by a *meteorite
*and we go into another* ice age*. So that should be worth the entrance fee

You can join the Facebook event here:

*Dress code:* normal dress but you'd better bring some *Anti-Dinosaur
spray*just in case.

*Members:* £3 (£2 members before 9pm).

*Non-Members:* £4

*Membership is £3 and entitles you to a Ceilidh FREE!*

Please note we will try to get a real *dinosaur *there if President Lisa
manages to *grow one by Friday*, but she's got a lot on at the moment what
with that essay on the *Krebs Cycle* and she has to organise the *buffet *for
the *University Of Sheffield Junior Evil Scientists Group*.

Anyway, just *come and dance*. You know it makes *sense*!

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Sheffield CeilidhSoc
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