[Ceilidhsoc] ANTI VALENTINES CEILIDH - Friday 15th at the Edge

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Sat Feb 9 19:53:36 GMT 2013

*[image: Inline image 2]Hi CeilidhSoc!*

*Valentine's Day* can be a *gloomy *day if you don't get a *card*. Or if
you do, it's a *consolation *card from your *Mum*.

*Don't be sad* though.  Stick *two fingers* up at dating and join us for
our superbly topical* Anti Valentine's Ceilidh* on the *15th *at the *Edge*.

*Music *will be provided by the *CeilidhSoc Scratch Band of Unrequited
Love* and
you'll be guided through the dance by our own *President Lisa*.

You can join the *Facebook *event at:


*Maps *and *stuff *on the *website*:


*Members*: £3 (£2 members before 9pm).
*Non-Members*: £4
*Membership *is £5 and entitles you to your* first Ceilidh FREE*!

See you soon, *you cheeky devil!*
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Sheffield CeilidhSoc
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