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*[image: Inline image 2]Hi CeilidhSoc!*

As a prelude to the impending *IVFDF *at the end of the week, we've got
some *workshops *for you on *Tuesday 26th*!

*Contra Dance Workshop with John Brown at Croft House at 8pm*

In case you don't know what *Contra *is, President Lisa describes it
as "*ceilidh's
sleek and stylish American cousin*" she went on to describe the dances as "*a
bit more complex and walky with **lots of room for fancy twirling etc!*".

You can see a video of this from IVFDF 2010 in this video

So hop along to *Croft House* and give it a go.  It's free for
*CeilidhSoc *members
or £1 with a *GIAG *ticket.  Instruction by *John Brown* with music from *Ian
*& *Charley *from *Vertical Expression*<http://verticalexpressioncontra.co.uk/>

If you don't know where Croft House is, then President Lisa will be *guiding
people down from the Union* if you meet her there at 7.30pm. Alternatively
find it on our Google Maps

There will be a big *Contra
* at IVFDF next weekend so this will be *great practice*.


*Tuesday Music Workshop with Music Officer "Mikey"-Mike at the Shakespeare
Pub at 8pm*

As usual, *Mike *will be guiding you through the *thicket of ceilidh dance
tunes* into the *green pastures of musical understanding*. Come down for*8pm
* and join in the *tune fun*!  All welcome.

See you Tuesday!

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 Sheffield CeilidhSoc
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