[Ceilidhsoc] Want to try Live Sound Engineering for Ceilidhs?

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Sun Oct 13 20:07:10 BST 2013

*[image: Inline image 2]Hi CeilidhSoc!*

Sorry to bombard you with emails today! It's hurting my paws just typing
them all!

Equipment Officer Lisa is considering running a workshop in *Live Sound
Engineering for Ceilidhs* workshop and would like to gauge the amount of

CeilidhSoc runs a lot of live band events throughout the year which need to
be set up and mixed so that the sound you get is brilliant for dancing.

We need to train new sound engineers to make sure this happens and keeps
CeilidhSoc as fantastic as ever.  This will be a great opportunity to
experience preparing you for dealing with a wide range of music instruments
and *great training* for engineering in other musical genres.

If you're interested in coming to such a workshop then email the main
CeilidhSoc email ceilidh.soc at shef.ac.uk with a subject line "*Live Sound
Engineering Workshop*" so that Secretary Hannah doesn't get too confused.
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Sheffield CeilidhSoc
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