[Ceilidhsoc] OOPS! - Session Workshop This Tuesday 22nd October

Sheffield CeilidhSoc ceilidhsoc at gmail.com
Mon Oct 21 14:28:50 BST 2013

*[image: Inline image 2]Hi CeilidhSoc!*

Sorry I got the date wrong!

The session and workshop are *Tuesday the 22nd. * Sorry I got it wrong and
thanks to Alejandro for spotting the mistake.

It was a typo! Have you ever tried typing when you don't actually have
fingers??? It's not easy being a Ceilidh Monster!  And it's also very dark
in the CeilidhSoc equipment cupboard.  They lock me in here between
ceilidhs :-(
[image: Inline image 1]
Sheffield CeilidhSoc
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