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*[image: Inline image 2]Hi CeilidhSoc!*

It comes that time every year when we have our *Annual General Meeting*.


It's your chance to join in the fun of running CeilidhSoc for a whole
exciting year! Our turn-out to ceilidhs this year has been fantastic and we
want such a great society to continue to put on such *wonderful events*.

*However, we need YOUR help to be able to do this! *

Current committee have described their job in a sentence or two to give you
a flavour of each position...

On *Tuesday 25th March* you have the chance to become a *CeilidhSoc Super
Hero*! Which one will you be?...


Special powers: megalomania, nagging

"The main job for the president of CeilidhSoc is to make sure that the
society runs smoothly. Over the year I have sent e-mails here, there and
everywhere, ensured everything is in place before a ceilidh and held
committee meetings...among other things!"

*Vice president*

Special powers: reading the president's mind


Special powers: obsessively checking emails!

"This year I have been in charge of regularly checking the e-mail account
and answering questions/forwarding information on as necessary, I've turned
up in time for ceilidh set up, taken minutes for committee meetings and
liaised with outside parties where necessary."


Special powers: knowing the route to our diagon alley vaults!

"The treasurer looks after the cash box and makes sure it gets to every
ceilidh, pays money in from the cash box, deals with paying external bands
and callers when we have them, occasionally sorts out paying or receiving
money for other things e.g. hoodies, IVFDF coach, performances and makes
sure we don't spend all our money."

*House Manager*

Special powers: creating magically refilling water jugs, guardian of the

"House manager is the one who keeps things "alright on the night". It means
making sure that everything runs smoothly at the venue, and being the first
point of contact if anyone has any problems. Sorting the band drinks (a
sacrosanct task), making sure the desk duty is done and keeping on good
terms with the staff are the main responsibilities. That isn't to say that
you *personally* have to babysit the entire ceilidh - as long as you make
sure they're done, you can still enjoy the ceilidh."

*Music Officer*

Special powers: leading people to sessions with their magic pipe** (or
instrument of your choice :), conjuring ceilidh bands

"The music officer runs music workshops before the session or organises
someone else to teach.

They organise who will be in the ceilidh scratch bands and book
professional bands for 1-2 ceilidhs per term - (they make sure they know
when and where to go, agree on payment and tell the treasurer). They also
organise scratch bands when requests come in to CeilidhSoc, and negotiate

*Equipment Officer*

Special powers: Equipment tetris, controlling how the band sounds.

"Equipment officer doesn't have to be a sound engineer themselves, but
their job is to ensure that an engineer and PA driver are available for
each ceilidh. They also look into buying new equipment and generally look
after all the technical bits and bobs."

*Social sec/Inclusion*

Special powers: being friends with 'everyone' :)

"I've been trying to make people who are new to ceilidhs feel they're part
of the group in ceilidhs, so they don't feel excluded because of the fact
they don't know what to do or how to dance. I sometimes invited them to
dance with me, and other times I would try to find them a skilled partner
for the next dance so they could properly learn. Basically, my job was to
try to make everyone feel included, hence the name of the position."

*Publicity officer*

Special powers: making pretty posters, spreading news like wildfire.

*Web Officer*

Special powers: the power to legitimately be on Facebook whilst working
because they're 'doing society work'!

suiting one of our enthusiastic ceilidh dancers who can organise workshops
over the year and be the general go to person for anything dance related.

If anything tickles your fancy or you'd just like to come along and have
your say about how your society is run and who by then come along to *THE

Nominations will be taken on the night and we'll battle it out from there!

See you *Tuesday 25th*!

Remember there's still a session in the Shakespeare Pub from 9pm or when we
finish arguing and fighting.
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Sheffield CeilidhSoc
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