[Ceilidhsoc] Ceilidhsoc needs a Music Officer! Could it be you?

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Wed Oct 14 17:54:34 BST 2015

*[image: Inline image 2]Hi CeilidhSoc!*

Could you be CeilidhSoc's new music officer?
We're holding an EGM on 27th October at 6pm to elect a new person to our
committee in the role of music officer! The event shall be held in the
Student Union and a follow up email will be sent to confirm the exact

*What would my role be?*
The music officer is in charge of our Tuesday evening music workshops at
the Shakespeare. The music officer does not have to run all of the
workshops but needs to make sure someone is available to teach every week.
They are the first port of call for new musicians and would need to work
alongside our band officer, Mike, to ensure that new musicians are given
the chance to play at a ceilidh once they have reached a suitable standard.
The music officer would also need to fulfil the standard duties of a
committee member; attending and helping to run ceilidhs, attending
committee meetings and generally helping out with miscellaneous jobs.

*I’m interested! Now what?*
If you have any more questions about the role then don’t hesitate to
contact the committee, we’d love to help! Then just turn up to the EGM and
tell us you want to be music officer!

Our committee is full of wonderful, friendly and slightly odd people and
we’re very excited to welcome another member. CeilidhSoc could not happen
without an enthusiastic and active committee so come and help us make the
society even more awesome!

Rustly love!
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Sheffield CeilidhSoc

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