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*[image: Inline image 2]Hi CeilidhSoc!*

It’s that time of year again where the current committee begin to feel the
tingles of freedom and a new crew of CeilidhSoc members feel slightly
daunted at the prospect of running the society (it’s not that scary,
honest). IT’S AGM TIME! Our AGM will be on Tuesday 10th April at 6pm. We
will be discussing the events of this year and electing our new committee!
If you would like to run to be on the committee next year, come along and
tell us how fab you are and we will probably just let you on. Here is a
list of our roles below so you can think about what you’d like to run for
before the meeting:

The president's role is to be the face of the society and generally be in
charge of its running. It's your job to keep your committee on track and
motivated and to make the final decision in any committee discussions. If
you have great ideas for the society and think you can make them happen
then this is the job for you. You need to be organised and motivated to get
things done but the most important thing is that you really care about the
society and believe you can take good care of it! Being president of
CeilidhSoc has been a very rewarding experience - it's a lot of work but
the benefits of seeing people have a great time makes it all worth it.

Vice President
The vice-president's job is to provide the president with support with the
general running of the society. This includes helping the president with
communicating with the other committee members and taking on some larger
jobs - this traditionally includes organising the Christmas meal and the
IVFDF coach! The vice-president is the first port of call for the society
if the president is absent and should therefore be fully involved with the
president's activites, offering them support throughout. You should be
approachable and friendly as committee members may come to you with
concerns, and you should also be supportive and organised

The secretary’s main jobs are minute taking and email-answering. Other
things to do include room booking and, like all committee members,
planning, setting up and running ceilidhs.
It’s a role best suited to someone friendly and committed, with decent
organisational skills and a love of ceilidhs!

The treasurer manages the money for the society. This involves paying
invoices, signing society expenses claims, keeping accounts up to date, and
applying for funding and grants. Any purchases are approved by the
treasurer and it is their responsibility to ensure that invoices are paid
and that the society doesn't go into debt.
In addition to those duties specific to the role, it will also be expected
that the treasurer perform additional general committee duties including
helping with the activities fair, moving eqipment around, setting up and
packing down ceilidhs and generally ensuring that they run smoothly.

Equipment officer
The equipment officer is in charge of all of the society's equipment which
we use for ceilidhs. You will make decisions in conjunction with the
treasurer about buying equipment when it is needed and it is your
responsibility to make sure it is all in working order. The equipment
officer does not need to be able to sound tech a ceilidh but should know
who the sound techs are and make sure one is organised for every ceilidh. A
basic knowledge of the equipment is useful but it's not 100% necessary to
know how it all works, that's what sound techs are for - you just need to
make sure it is fully functioning and present at every ceilidh.

The equipment officer is also expecting to take part in general committee
duties e.g. attending meetings, helping set up and pack down ceilidhs,
helping out with running the ceilidh etc.

Music Officer
The Music officer is responsible for either teaching the Tuesday tunes
workshop, or finding someone to teach it. If you are a keen musicians who
would like to recruit more people into the wonderful world of ceilidhs,
this is the position to apply for!

Bands Officer
The Band Officer has the resposibility of organizing bands, sound tech and
drivers for every ceilidh, as well as and outside gigs. They need to be
good organisers and communicators, as they will be the commities main
contact for Sheffield's musicians.

Publicity and Web Officer
Responsible for keeping Ceilidhsoc members informed about upcoming events,
as well as promoting the society to new members via social media, email,
the Ceilidhsoc website and SU events. Furthermore, the publicity officer
has the tradition of naming each year's ceilidhs. If you are the creative
and/or poetic type, then this is the position for you!

All templates for existing leaflets/membership cards etc. shall be provided
by the this year's officer, so you won't have to start from scratch!

Inclusions Officer:
The Inclusions officer is normally the friendliest member of the committee
who makes sure that everybody is having a good time at each ceilidh. They
are also a big voice in our committee meetings, addressing ways of which we
can make our ceilidhs more inclusive and fun for all.

Even if you don’t want to run for committee, you are still very welcome to
come along and give us some feedback on the society this year and vote for
your future representatives. This is your main opportunity to share your
thoughts and feelings about how the society is run so make sure you come
along if you have things to share. There will also be biscuits so you can
just come along for those if you like.
Speak to a committee member via email/ceilidh/message/carrier
pigeon/psychic ability if you have questions about the meeting or any of
the roles. If you are unable to make the AGM but would like to run for
committee or have something you want us to discuss, then also let us know
and we can make sure you/your comments are put forward.

There will be a further email explaining of exact location of this AGM in
the Student Union this week.
Rustly Love!
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Sheffield CeilidhSoc

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