[Ceilidhsoc] Halloween Ceilidh Tomorrow! Plus Special Safety Requirements

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Thu Oct 25 10:39:59 BST 2012

*[image: Inline image 2]Hi CeilidhSoc!*

It's our super *Halloween Ceilidh* tomorrow (26th).  It's down at the *Edge
*and starts at *8.30pm*. Check the website for more details!

As this is likely to be an *unusually horrific* ceilidh,  here are some
important *Health and Safety *tips:

   - No *cadavers *on the dance-floor as they are a *tripping hazard*.
    Please leave them on the seats around the perimeter of the dance floor.
   - Keep *ectoplasm*, *bile *or other *bodily fluids* to a minimum as they
   *slipping hazard* and can cause potential distress for others.
   - Be careful when doing *swings with the* *heavily decomposed *as limbs
   are liable to come off in your hand.
   - If you do bring a *cadaver *(and the committee encourages you to do!),
   please *take it back* with you after the ceilidh.
   - If you do *possess*, *murder*, *disembowel*, or *damn to hell*any
Ceilidhsoc members, please
   *notify the committee* so they can be removed from the *mailing list*.
   - *Beware *the one they call "*Conrad*".
   - Any entity entering the ceilidh by non standard methods eg via *portals
   *from *hell*, *walking through walls* or entering in the guise of a *
   flying bat* should report to the ticket desk and *pay the appropriate
   admission fee*.
   - *CeilidhSoc* offers a comprehensive membership plan for the *undead *&
   *damned*, especially if they can play a *rhythm instrument*.
   - If you want to *feast on the flesh of the living*, please restrict
   that to the outside *corridor *or on the *balcony *with the smokers.
   - All *coffins *should be left outside the building.
   - If it all gets too much, just click your heels together and say "*There's
   no place like home*".

Be safe!
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Sheffield CeilidhSoc
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